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  The vacuum equipment limited company is a vacuum coating equipment, vacuum coating machine
manufacturing, design, application of technology manufacturers. The company is located in the
beautiful environment of Zhaoqing City, for many years been rated.

  As a state-level tourist city, the company away from the famous attractions Qixingyan scenic spots

is 10 minutes.

  The vacuum vacuum plating equipment R & D, production, sales as one of. Excellent after sale

service team, the company currently has a tenured professor a, participated in the first homemade

  Multi arc ion coating machine, vacuum ion implantation equipment design and production, has

supported more than at home and abroad coating equipment enterprises and production enterprises
founded. High, intermediate or above professional technical post

  Said the staff, specialized guidance and responsible for vacuum coating machine new product

development and design, advanced design concepts, leading science and technology, to ensure that
the products of high quality, high level of vacuum equipment.

  The company has developed advanced coating process for coating production, the development

of enterprises, has provided the powerful technical support, customers have been highly praised.
Especially in recent years,

  Along with the development of vacuum coating technology, the company focus on the development

of continuous magnetron coating production line and ion plating technology, including unbalanced
magnetron, medium frequency magnetron sputtering, multi arc ion plating, ion

  Source assisted coating and a variety of technical combination of features, combined with the

University Institute for new materials and coating technology, continuous exploration and development,
equipment design and the technology of refine on, development

  A new generation of technology solutions and vacuum coating equipment, coating level has been

greatly improved.
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