Zhaoqing Huichang vacuum equipment

Trade in good faith and provide professional technical services Make every effort to build a professional brand of vacuum coating machine
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The full range of products meet the needs of different industries
Tile gilding machine
AF film coating machine
Multi-arc ion coating machine
Magnetron sputtering coating machine
Multi-arc decorative coating machine
Steel plate coating machine
Tool coating machine
Automobile hub coating machine
Evaporation coating machine
Electron gun coating machine
Medium frequency multi-arc coating machine
Core advantage
Low carbon and environmental protection
Improve management system and quality assurance
Many domestic and foreign enterprises cooperate
Widely used in industry
Professional R&D team
Perfect after-sales service system
Improve technology, improve the original performance of products, and save energy, safety and environmental protection during operation.
With the development of automation technology, we have devoted ourselves to researching and developing products to meet the market demand for many years
Cooperate with many domestic enterprises and sell to the east.
South Asia has won the trust and recognition of customers
Our products are used in building hardware, watchmaking, large-scale workpieces, etc
R&D team provides technology and quality for customers.
Reliable products and complete guidance
We wholeheartedly provide customers with good after-sales service. Services, including product design, installation and after-sales service
Service and price advantage to serve the public
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Zhaoqing Huichang Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huichang Vacuum) is a technical manufacturer of vacuum coating equipment, vacuum coating machines, manufacturing, design and application. The company is located in Zhaoqing City with beautiful environment, which has been rated as a national-level tourist city for many years. The company is 10 minutes' drive from the famous scenic spot Qixingyan Scenic Area.
Huichang vacuum integrates the research, development, production and sales of vacuum plating equipment, and has an excellent after-sales service team. At present, the company has an in-service professor who participated in the design and production of the first domestic multi-arc ion coating machine and vacuum ion
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Won many honors
Director of the sixth Council
Director of the sixth Council
Guangdong Province Contract-abiding and Credi...
Guangdong Province Contract-abiding and Credi...
Computer copyright registration certificate: HC-D...
Computer copyright registration certificate: HC-D...
Consultation hotline: 138-2757-7718
Large loading capacity and high production efficiency
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Zhaoqing Huichang vacuum equipment
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